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Founded in 1992 by Ho Kwon Ping ( a travel enthusiast and former journalist) The first Banyan Tree Property opened in 1994 in Phuket
The resorts were designed to blend into the natural environment Dedicated to preserving the environment, the Banyan Tree has received over 250 awards and accolades. Goal: is to become one of the top 2 or 3.


Rapid Expansion
Limited labor/ infrastructure
Dilution of the brand
Over-expansion of the brand
Exclusivity becomes dampened because of potential lowering of service.


Banyan Tree has competitive advantages… It offered exclusive love-nest type of accommodation that was based on romance, intimacy, privacy and rejuvenation. The Banyan Tree offered an experience to its consumers. If focused on having individual villas and this was an option not being offered by other top-class hotel chain.

The competitive disadvantage of Banyan Tree is that it is not the lowest prices accommodation in the category, nor is it the highest of the top end accommodation. Moreover, Banyan Tree would not be a preferred destination for families that prefer accomodations with play places for children nor would it be preferred by guests that were seeking water sports.

The main competitor of Banyan Tree were the other luxury resort/hotels in the area. Banyan Tree had differentiated itself as the destination for lovers. On the other hand hotels and resorts would be preferred by the guests seeking water sports or children’s play areas.


Customers Byuing power
Tends to be moderate
Customers are few in number = high buying power
Few readily available substitutes = Low buying power
Supplier Bargaining Power
Tends to be high
Due to the unique locations and high quality products
Only a limited number of suppliers available to provide these products and services. Entry Barriers
Tend to be high
Large capital requirements and government regulations
Due to Banyan Tree’s niche market and concept it is important for them to be aware of readily available substitutes Rivalry among existing firms
Banyan Tree competition = Amanresports, Como Hotels and Resorts, Six Sense Hotels and Resorts, and One-and-Only Resorts. Angsana competition = Four Seasons and Shangri-La Hotels.


We want to build a globally recognized brand which by inspiring exceptional experiences among our guests, instilling pride and integrity in our associates and enhancing the physical and human environment in which we operate, will deliver attractive returns to our shareholders.


To build on its brands, Banyan Tree and Angsana to create a diversified group of niche resorts and hotels in strategic locations throughout the world, which would be complemented by residence and property sales, spa and gallery operations.


Well-known and reputable brand name
Strong brand identity and unique value proposition associated with self-indulgence and exclusivity Community-based culture
Good CRS practices
Brand visibility
Customers Loyalty

Lack of knowledge of target market in global market
Small talent pool to choose from because properties are in remote locations


Unspoiled and unique locations
Outstanding facilities that appeal to wellness vacations niche markets Sustainability/ Environmentally sensitive design
Green Imperative Fund established in 2001 to formalize environment on conservation and community development efforts Installation of biological wastewater treatment system to recycle wastewater for irrigation purposes Human

CEO is a major source of sustainable competitive advantage
Set the strategic direction and culture of the Banyan Tree
Well-trained, motivated employees
Corporate partners
Including American Express, Citibank, MasterCard, Oberoi Group of India. Financial
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