Banyan Tree Branding the Intangible

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2.2. Strategic Drift in RIM

Research In Motion (RIM) is a company that has suffered from strategic drift. The essential problem created by RIM only focused upon their current technology, without evaluating the rapid changing among the competitors Apple and Android were using. RIM has simply made incremental changes to the same product which has not met the change in customers' needs (Dwyer and Edwards, 2008). The leaders at RIM are overestimated the BlackBerry's advantages, while Apple and Android products developed the use of apps, better operating systems, hardware and usability. The RIM BlackBerry phones have seemingly fallen behind this environmental change (Guman, 2012). It had caused shareholders angry and 11% shared drop as a senior RIM employee wrote an open letter to the Co-CEO's urging them for citing the company lacked of focusing the market change and fail to improving the business.

It is evident that the leaders are entirely responsible for revolutionary change in RIM. In 2012, the revolutionary changing in the two dual CEOs Mike Lazard and Jim Balsillie had been stepped down and replaced by Thorsten Heins. Heins made a substantial changes to the company's leadership team. John & Katulis (2007) suggest that there are many fallings that could cause business decline or strategic drift and one of the main points they highlight is a lack of marketing skill, which could attributed to the leaders. Eden (1998) offers the idea that a loss of external confidence and reputation could be caused by strategic drift and in the case of RIM these marketing errors have certainly affected their reputation.
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