Bantugan (From Maranaw)

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There was a king in a faraway kingdom in Mindanao who had two sons. The elder was Prince Madali and the younger one was Prince Bantugan. At a very early age, Prince Bantugan had shown superior qualities over his elder brother Prince Madali. Their tutors would always tell their father that Prince Bantugan was very intelligent. He was a fast learner, even in the use of sword and bow and arrow. And he possessed such great strength that he could subdue three to five men in a hand-to-hand combat.

The first indication that he would soon be a formidable soldier was seen when he single-handedly killed a big and ferocious crocodile that had killed several villagers. The villagers could not believe their eyes after the very short struggle.

He is so strong! an old man blurted out upon seeing the dead crocodile.

How could a man so young as he is can kill a killer crocodile? He must be possessed by the gods! another villager said in awe.

Come on, let's thank the prince for killing the beast! the chieftain of the place said to all the villagers.

As years passed, Prince Bantugan reached to his manhood, he became the kingdom's number one soldier. He always led their soldiers to the battlefield. And he always triumphed over their kingdom's enemies. His name became a word of the mouth among the soldiers of the neighboring kingdoms. Soon no kingdom ever dared to conquer or make war with their kingdom. No one would want to fight him. Peace and progress reigned in their kingdom because they had gained the respect and recognition of their neighbors.

When their father died of old age, his elder brother, Prince Madali was named the new king. There were silent protests among the ranks and their people. They wanted Prince Bantugan to be the new king. Even the ordinary people were one in saying that Prince Bantugan was the better choice between the two princes.

Prince Bantugan is brave and strong. He can really protect us from our enemies! an old woman...
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