Bantu Education

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Bantu Education Act, 1953
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Apartheid legislation in South Africa [show]
Hut tax
Franchise and Ballot Act (1892)
Natal Legislative Assembly Bill (1894)
General Pass Regulations Bill (1905)
Asiatic Registration Act (1906)
South Africa Act (1909)
Natives Land Act (1913)
Natives in Urban Areas Bill (1918)
Natives (Urban Areas) Act (1923)
Colour Bar Act (1923)
Immorality Act (1927)
Native Administration Act (1927)
Representation of Natives Act (1936)
Native Trust and Land Act (1936)
Asiatic Land Tenure Bill (1946)

After 1948
Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act (1949)
Immorality Amendment Act † (1950)
Population Registration Act (1950)
Group Areas Act (1950)
Suppression of Communism Act (1950)
Native Building Workers Act (1951)
Separate Representation of Voters Act (1951)
Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act (1951)
Bantu Authorities Act (1951)
Native Laws Amendment Act † (1952)
Pass Laws Act (1952)
Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act (1953)
Bantu Education Act (1953)
Reservation of Separate Amenities Act (1953)
Natives Resettlement Act (1954)
Group Areas Development Act (1955)
Industrial Conciliation Act (1956)
Natives (Prohibition of Interdicts) Act (1956)
Bantu Investment Corporation Act (1959)
Extension of University Education Act (1959)
Promotion of Bantu Self-government Act (1959)
Coloured Persons Communal Reserves Act (1961)
Preservation of Coloured Areas Act (1961)
Republic of South Africa Constitution Act (1961)
Urban Bantu Councils Act (1961)
General Law Amendment Act (1963)

Terrorism Act (1966)
Coloured Persons Representative Council Amendment Act † (1968) Prohibition of Improper Interference Act (1968)
Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act (1970)
Bantu Homelands Constitution Act (1971)
Black Local Authorities Act (1982)
Republic of South Africa Constitution Act (1983)

† No new legislation introduced, rather

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