Bansal Classes

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In the current marketing environment you are NOT just competing against brands in the coaching industry for MARKET SHARE. You are competing against everything in existence for a MIND SHARE. Best marketing is not one persons job,

it is everyone's.

Brand Marketing

Bansal Classes

• Positioning the Bansal Classes Brand • Creating a new Brand Mental Image pan-nation

• Brand Image so true and strong it scares the competition • Bringing the Brand to life, break through the clutter • Running advertising campaigns • Build brand and Drive Sales • Creating a turnkey business

• Students have quality options available closer home • Other preferred coaching options (Online, correspondence)

• Competition in Kota has increased
• Not as high standards are diluting the Kota brand equity

• Top positions in IIT JEE by non-Kota institutes
• Cost of living for students in Kota has gone up considerably • No. of students coming to Kota fell in2010 • No. of students appearing in IIT JEE and AIEEE is rising

What Changed?
• Outlook from ‘Bansals of Kota’ to only Kota • Aspirations from IIT coaching to Engineering coaching • Kota’s charm, bigger buildings, more students

• Fees, salaries and cost of living in Kota

What has not changed?
• Students need for JEE Coaching • Teaching Curriculum • Methods of brand building and promotions • Teacher Poaching

• Teachers leaving to open own institutes
• No Government support towards education

• Parents
• No Regulation of coaching institutes

Bansal Classes – Business Test Scores
Finance - 9/10 | Operations - 8/10 Marketing - ?/10

Step I
Brand Image • Name • Logo • Tagline • Ad Campaign

Step II
Brand Roll-out 1.Planning 2.People 3.Website 4.Collateral 5.PR 6.Partner 7.Ads(Online, Print,TV, Radio) 8.Direct 9.Events

Step III
Close-out • Plan Execution • Value of a Customer • Growing fast • Learning and Review • Why do we fall?

Making Bansal Classes A BRAND
• Identifier of preparations for engineering exams

• A promise of high quality education

• A thorough systematic course and an ecosystem fit for JEE preparations.


Step I

Sales Moment
One brand idea that is the essence of the business and great marketing

Derived From
• Customer Desires | Competition weakness | Differentiating the Brand • Out-think the competition | Strategic advantages | Unique Ownable Position

BRAND IMAGE Name Logo Tagline

Ad Campaign

Step I

Name Description Founder
Family Name

Analysis of the Bansal Classes Brand Image Tagline Logo Description A simple Description Initials of Company Name description of the service

Qualities Short
Easy to remember, Easy to spell and pronounce.

Qualities Not proprietary
or ownable. Not memorable. No story. No mental image.

Qualities No different
from competitors. Lacks Promise. Lacks a recall to memory. Lacks call to action.

How to fix? Symbols have
should be simple in a symbolic way, be easy to remember, differentiate from the competition and tell a story. Your logo is attached to crores of business.

Best practices Casio primitive power. The logo
by its Korean founders, Samsung, Ford, McDonalds, Tatas etc.

How to fix? Adding
promise, calling consumer to action.

Best Practice Apple –
think different, Nike – just do it, TransparentValue – See the market clearly, Volvo – For Life.

Best Practice Nike,
Mercedes , Apple.

Step I

Advertising Campaigns
Entry points that allow quick processing information to potential client and To create a powerful mental image, link between branding and sales 1. Word hook 2. Character hook 3. Repeatable theme 4. Consistent layout

Step I

Phases to reach out to Parents and Kids
While Coaching


Pre Coaching

Post Coaching

Step II

Identifying Engagement Touch-points
Morning Afternoon - Lunch time Day time - Evening Night

Typical day in the life of a parent...
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