Banning the Use of Vending Machines

Topics: High school, Nutrition, School Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: March 29, 2007
Banning the use of vending machines, in New York state schools, is an excellent decision for the senator to make. Schools are increasingly becoming dependent on the use of vending machines, which contain many unhealthy products, limiting the amount of nutrition within the schools. Banning the use of vending machines will help schools become a healthier environment for the students, teachers, and the community. In recent years, the use of vending machines in school districts has sky rocketed and is causing much controversy. Vending machines provide schools with extra income that is needed for school activities, but they contain many unhealthy products that are detrimental to the students' health. These vending machines almost never shut down and allow the students to purchase goods such as chips, soft drinks, and candy at just eight o'clock in the morning. With these goods being sold at any time of the day is causing a major rise in childhood obesity and something needs to be to done to stop this health epidemic. According to the chart, vending machines supplied within cafeterias in high schools and middle schools, together, is 101 percent! This percentage is at an all time high and is very dangerous to the health of the students. This percentage is linked to the rise in childhood obesity and can lead to such illnesses as diabetes and heart disease which are becoming more common throughout New York State. Not only does this percentage cause concern for the well being of the students' health , but it causes concern for the ability of the students to pay attention in their classes after they have eaten junk food all day. An interview with Paul G. Pinsky, who was a former teacher, concluded just how difficult it is to teach students who have eaten sugar all day. "After the sugar high wore off and they were finished bouncing off the walls, my students would fall on the desk." "It made it difficult to teach." These disruptions throughout the school day...
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