Banning the Burqa in Australia

Topics: Culture of Australia, Human rights, Democracy Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: September 13, 2011
The burqa is a long garment, usually black, that covers the body from head to toe, leaving a small slit for the eyes to be able to see. It is worn by Muslim/Islamic women, often due to pressure from society, the men of their home countries or from the families of the women.

Australia is one of many democratic countries. Democracy being a form of government in which all people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Australia being a democratic country means we should not be overruled by religious views.

In Britain there are rising cases of banks being robbed by people in burqa's. People such as motorcyclists are required to remove their helmets before entering a bank or petrol station. It's a security measure for the businesses and no reasonable person objects to this requirement. However, if someone covers themselves in a black cloth from head to toe, with only their eyes barely visible behind a mesh guard, they are effectively unidentifiable and can with out trouble simply walk into any bank in the name of religious freedom. If this theory is acceptable in Britain what is to stop it from happening In Australia.

Equality of women is one of the key values in our secular society and any culture that believes only women should be covered in such a repressive manner is not consistent with the Australian culture and values.

New arrivals to this country should not come here to recreate the living environment they have just left. They should come here for a better life based on the freedoms and values that have built our great nation.

Perhaps some people will think that the wearing of the burqa should be personal choice. I disagree as it isolates Australians from others.

Several countries have found the burka to be distasteful and threatening. France has currently made a movement toward a partial ban on the burka, saying that they will allow the hajib, but not the full garment. Canada has moved to ban any face coverings during...
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