Banning Teenagers from Entering Tanning Salons

Topics: Ultraviolet, Sun tanning, Cancer Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: October 17, 2005
Ban teenagers from tanning salons

Five percent of the business at San Diego's Hollywood Tans was from teenagers. The number of teenagers going to tanning salons is on the rise. The annual revenue brought in by teenagers using the salons has reached five billion dollars (California 1). Although it helps the tanning salon industry, it is a huge health threat to the teenagers. They can get sunburned which the inflammation of the skin is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is also believed that sunburns can essentially be the cause of skin cancer, particularly the deadly form known as melanoma. There is already a risk of getting the cancer from the sunlight let alone from the tanning beds. Tanning in beds should be banned for teenagers.

Most teenagers don't even realize the horrible things they are doing to themselves every time they lay in the beds. The ultra violet rays (UVA &UVB rays) coming off the bulbs are actually hurting their skin. Being tan is in fact not healthy. The creation of melanin, the chemical in your body that creates the brown color, is your skin's reaction to getting damaged. Another thing the tanners could potentially get from tanning in the beds is skin cancer which can sometimes be deadly. Ultra violet radiation, which is just the radiation from the light source to you skin, is what is so dangerous. Tanning to the common teenager is cool to do, yet they don't know why they get tan besides the light source, they also don't think the superficial problems will happen to them.

There are many not-so-beautiful things that arise later in life from prolonged tanning or bad burns. The skin is a very delicate organ which after being damaged from sun exposure can sag, wrinkle, obtain a leathery texture, and have a blotchy discoloration (National 4). According to one teen, "I'm going to get old and look bad anyway. I'd rather look good now" (Catching 3). It is known that the damage happens to mare people with fair...
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