Banning Of School Uniforms

Topics: Dress code, Uniform, Education Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: February 12, 2015
Michelle Nguyen
Period 1
August 21, 2014
Banning of school uniforms
Let’s all take a moment and imagine that you have to wake up early in the morning and you have to go to school. You put on the same clothes that you were wearing yesterday and walk to school. You open the door and you see a million people, all wearing the same outfit as you. It feels just like yesterday and the day before that. That is what every day would be like if our school had uniforms. I know that many kids in public schools are against having uniforms in school. I agree because I think that uniforms are a restriction that doesn’t allow you to express yourself freely, and they also cost a lot. I think this binds the students and everyone should have the right to wear what they want. Uniforms take away our individuality and confidence. Confidence is already hard to achieve, but having to wear uniform is much more challenging. Wearing them can also get distracting during the day. Some schools say uniforms make us united as a school, but I don’t think they do anything but bother students. Uniforms can be quite distracting during the day because of all the restrictions. It can also get really annoying when you stain your shirt eating lunch or anytime of snacks. During the day you constantly have to worry about following the school’s dress code, so why have it? Distraction of wearing uniform isn’t the only problem, we have plenty more. Students have enough stress in their lives; why add more? Another problem is the cost of school uniforms. Many students' families can't afford the cost of school uniforms. The school district should help students pay for uniforms if they wanted us to wear them. For those families who can't afford many uniforms to wear daily, the students have to burden their parents with washing their uniforms every day in order to provide them with proper attires for school. Your mom or dad might have better things to do than wash your clothes every afternoon. On top of...
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