Banning Fireworks

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Banning Fireworks

Roberto Diaz


January 10, 2012

Dr. January Riddle

Banning Fireworks.

Fireworks are used for special events in the whole world, a lot of people have unlimited access to buy fireworks. When special events are coming up people get excited to watch fireworks exploding in the sky. Some people do not realize fireworks are dangerous in many ways. Something good I can tell about fireworks is, when I was a child I used to play with fireworks, and it was funny to watch them explode. This Christmas my brother and cousin were playing with fireworks but they had an accident with only one firework, my brother lit a firework, then my brother and cousin ran away from there but the firework flew against my cousin burned at his ear, then the same firework burned my brother in his arm.

The first reason fireworks should be banned is that fireworks cause accidents to some people, and in some cases people die to play with them. People between 6 and 19 years old have more than 50% of provability of hurt themselves playing with fireworks. Fireworks are made with different kinds of ingredients but the most dangerous is the gunpowder because it is form part of the base of the fireworks and it is very explosive. When fireworks explode they produce fire, also fireworks explode so quickly that some people get burns and wounds caused for the fire emitted for fireworks when they explode. Fireworks are most use in holidays or a special event such as Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, and many other events such as thematic parks or zoos. Fireworks should be banned in the whole world because they are dangerous to the person operating them and to bystanders, they start fires when landing in flammable materials and nature, and they cause lot pollution.

One reason fireworks should be banned is that they cause fires after landing in flammable materials and nature. Some fireworks still on fire when they are landing, some houses, business and...
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