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Banning Animal Testing Improve Our Modern World?
Animal testing should be demolished and completely banned from our world. Experimentation on animal is simply barbaric, immoral, and does not provide viable and trustworthy information. Imagine being in that little animal’s shoes seized from your parents and home. Placed in a cage. Harassed, tossed and jabbed with a million different things everyday that only make you feel pain. How would you feel? Why should animals stay in cages for the rest of their short and unfortunate lives and only be let out when tested? Animals are born to be free and be able to enjoy the world around us. So who gave us rights as humans to take that away from them? It’s not fair. How would you like it if someone poured bleach in your eye? Or spluttered something that reduced your skin into ashes? Or imagine sitting in a cage for the rest of your life? They have feelings too…….Some might say that animal testing shouldn’t be banned because it is better to test on them than on human beings. The human body is extremely complex; humans differ from other animals anatomically, genetically and metabolically. Meaning data collected from animals cannot be considered accurate at all. One example is the failure of animal testing with the drug thalidomide that happened in the 1960s. According to the organization "Animal Friends Croatia," scientists had created thalidomide to help stop morning sickness for pregnant women. Even though it was tested on many species of animals before it could be purchased, "it caused an estimated 10,000 birth defects and thousands of fetal deaths worldwide." Many of the babies suffered from phocomelia, a disease that does not allow their limbs to develop correctly. These tests don’t cure illness; they just kill poor animals for the sake of human convenience and cost. Will you might think animal testing is at least better then nothing, but there is so many alternative ways! For example: There is bio-engineering and...
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