Banning Alcohol Persuasive Speech

Topics: Alcohol, Alcoholism, Ethanol Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: September 11, 2014
Banning Alcohol
A child and his mother are driving home from picking the son up from a school event in their local area. A drunken driver crosses the line, entering into the mother’s lane head on. The driver and mother survive but the child dies on scene. This is your wife and son. The drunken driver had two beers; just enough to impair his vision and slow down his motor skills. Should alcohol, a form of drug, be legal like it is? Alcohol might be legal at the age of 21 in Texas which gives people the idea that it’s “okay” to drink but it causes several deaths a year due to the irresponsible people whom consume it. Not only are there accidents with vehicles regarding alcohol consumption but it has been a proven fact that alcohol leads to other situations and deaths. Body

I. Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system. By consuming alcohol you are slowing down your motor skills therefore causing delayed reaction times.

A. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 65 percent of fatal drunk-driving deaths involve drivers whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .15 or higher which could easily be at least four beers depending on the persons size and gender.

1. In the State of Texas, a BAC greater than .08 is considered illegal. A criminal offense would be Driving While Intoxicated, which is a Class B misdemeanor.

2. Some states like Texas, have raised the offense degrees dealing with alcohol. If a BAC greater than .15 is traced, it enhanced the misdemeanor to a class A- which is “the most serious classification of misdemeanor in most states”.

B. The death rate of people consuming alcohol is at an all-time high. Knowing that alcohol is a leading cause of deaths in the United States why is it still legal?

1. Alcohol is abused by some 14 million Americans and contributes to the deaths of 100,000 each year.

2. One thousand people die from alcohol overdoses each year. Many of them are young...

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