Banning Advertisements Targeting Children

Topics: Nicotine, Smoking, Tobacco Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: August 10, 2016

Who all would want to ban advertisements targeting children? In my opinion I certainly believe that they should be banned. For example, a kid is watching a commercial on tv and its about cigarettes or drinking and the commercial is showing them having a good time, later then the kid is going to want to try it because he's going to say they look like they are having fun. Also, that means banned to the adults as well.
Today, children that I know of are already drinking alcohol and smoking today. And when I say I mean between the ages of ten to 14. And if you think about that, yes I know its terrible. Then their parents get mad at them for doing these things. But you cant help a kid if they see something they are going to want to try it. Especially, if the people look like they are having fun....

Yes, I know its crazy. We all know they make that money back that they spend to put the advertisements on commercials and billboards. This should be stopped! They should stop advertisements and just let the customer buy it if they are wanting the product.
We need the kids today to grow up as young adults, the kids today is going to be the future later. We need to stop the advertisements everywhere as possible. We need to teach the children today to grow up and make healthy choices. Targeting these young children who lack the capacity to make informed decisions is unethical in my opionion.
With me putting my thought into this essay, advertisements by all means should be banned for anyone at any age. Advertisements is where this place gets everyone's money. Without having advertisements I would highly bet that the people today would have a lot more money for themselves and for their...
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