Banksy in New Orleans

Topics: Iraq War, Brad Pitt, The Simpsons Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Banksy is one of the most (in)famous artist of the current generation. Since the time he started drawing graffiti in streets he has managed to gain a tons of popularity by his ironic artworks. He’s style of doing art is called graffiti. Graffiti is just the writings or drawings on the walls either painted, sketched or sprayed. Banksy grew up in a town named Bristol in England. The graffiti scene is totally dominated in his home town Bristol by Banksy’s pieces all over the. Banksy normally likes to spray paint. He has made graffiti in allover the UK. Banksys pieces can also be frequently viewed in London as well. His art pieces have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. His highest grossing piece is of the “Space girl and Bird” which sold for a record of five hundred and seventy five thousand dollar. There are more a dozen A list celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera who has his art pieces. The most interesting thing about this artist is that he is still anonymous even though being so Famous as he a house hold name in UK ,as Jessica alba is in US. Even though being anonymous he has held many successful exhibitions all around the world. He has painted even in the wall between Israel and Palestine. He had recently painted at twelve different locations in new Orleans. The most amusing graffiti amongst them is the one with the Bart Simpson.

I like the Simpson art piece of banksy because it is very funny as the kid dressed as Bart Simpson is being punished because he copied Simpson. And I also like it as it is an awesome allusion to the Simpson. It holds a simple yet serious message that we must no copy what we see. In this graffiti, there is a kid who looks like he is overly obsessed with Simpson. The kid is wearing the same dress as Bart Simpson does. He has the same colored shirt, pant and shoes. He has even got the same colored skateboard that Bart Simpson has got. As this kid is overly obsessed with Simpson, it looks...
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