Banking Law And Practice Exam

Topics: Bank, Overdraft, Commercial bank Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Maseno University
Second Semester Examinations 2011/2012
Third Year Examinations for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with IT ABA 328: Banking Law and Practice
a. Attempt the question given below in at most three typed pages using font 12 of Times New Roman. b. Your typed assignment MUST have a cover page on which you have your name, registration number, the course name and code. Each of the other pages MUST contain your registration number as a header. c. You are expected to develop your writing in a chronological manner within the structure of an essay. d. The work must be properly referenced with a bibliography provided at the end. e. Breach of copyright interests and other forms of plagiarism are strictly prohibited. Any student guilty of plagiarism or any other form of collusion will have a grade of zero (0) in this assignment. f. Students MUST submit their assignments by close of business on Monday 17th day of July 2012 and must sign for the same once it is handed in. g. Marks may be lost for illegibility

You are an intern at Pesa Nyingi Commercial Bank whose headquarters is in Kibuye City and with country-wide operations within the Republic of Nyake. The Republic of Nyake is a member of the Commonwealth and has both the practice and legal framework for the banking industry being largely similar to those of the Republic of Kenya. The Legal Officer of the Bank has been impressed by the fact that you are a recent student of Banking Law and Practice at your former university. The Legal Officer has informed you that a number of the bank’s customers have lodged complaints against the bank over issues they consider are breaches of the bank’s duties to them. Some of the complaints are as follows; a) That Pesa Nyingi Commercial Bank has sent an unfavorable opinion on Musa to Sifa Limited upon the said company making a status enquiry from Pesa Nyingi Commercial Bank. Musa was not aware that the...
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