Banking and Payments Research Shows an Industry Struggling with Change

Topics: Bank, Banking, Marketing Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: August 3, 2014
Banking and Payments Research Shows an Industry Struggling with Change Banking and Payments Research Digest H1 2014 finds that the banking and payments markets are struggling to deal with the after effects of the downturn and the disruptive effects of technology. Recent research in the banking sector shows European banks are still recovering from the financial downturn, threatened by shadow banks and Fintechs, and attempting to redefine the role of the branch. The cards and payments market is a little more positive according to the latest research, with electronic payments continuing to overtake cash and cheque and strong growth particularly in in Africa and South America. However, here too there are disruptive changes, with the impact of mobile payments, and non-bank prepaid cards threatening the traditional business model in many areas. Some highlights from the Digest include:

Customers give negative feedback on retail banks in 2013
Internet, ATM And Branch The Most Popular Banking Channels
Key priorities for Banking Customers Remain the Same
Gift Cards Growing Fast In The US
SMS-Based And Near-Field Communications-Based Transactions To Grow Rapidly In Asia African Governments Attempting to Increase the Banked Population About Banking and Payments Research Digest
The Banking and Payments Research Digest is a digest of all the most important research in the retail banking, cards and payments industry each quarter, gathered from over 50 sources including associations, consultants, market intelligence companies, investment banks, and industry participants. It covers the banking and cards and payments industries globally. Updated quarterly, the Digest allows you to:

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