Bank of Baroda Account Opening Form for Individuals

Topics: Cheque, Deposit account, Fractional-reserve banking Pages: 9 (2260 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Bank of Baroda
Account No.

F. No.-401


Branch ALPHA






Scheme Code

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I/We request you to open my/our deposit account with your branch/bank as under: (Tick (√) relevant type of account) Type of Account Scheme Name Type of Account Scheme Name Savings Bank A/c Term Deposit A/c Current A/c Other A/c FULL NAME, in CAPITAL Letters (In the order of first, middle and last name, leaving a space between words)


2 3
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) PAN (if not available, please attach Form 60/61) Customer ID(if any existing)

1 2 3
Occupation * Status ** Annual Income (in Rs.) Relationship with 1st applicant Nationality Father's / Husband's Name

1 2 3
* Please choose from the following: Salaried Self Employed Retired Stock Broker Professional Agriculture Politician Antique Dealer ) Housewife Arms Dealer Pensioner F & NG Name and address of Employer 2nd Applicant Student Business NRI Defence Staff Others Other /General

** Please choose from the following (If Staff / Ex-Staff, mention E.C. Number): Minor Sr Citizen Staff (EC No. ) Ex-Staff (EC No. Name of the Guardian (In case of Minor): (Attach Proof for minor’s DOB)

Relationship with minor (√ tick one) M & NG Legal* De facto Others

* In case of legal guardian (guardian appointed by Court), enclose copy of the court order. First Applicant 3rd Applicant

Operating Instructions (Please mark Self Either or Survivor

in appropriate box): Former or Survivor


Any one or Survivor/s

Others (Pl. Specify)

Facilities required (Please mark in appropriate box/es): Cheque Book Issued Cheque Series No.___________ to ___________ Date of Issue:

Pass book

Statement of Account through Post E mail Delivery at branch Monthly Quarterly * BOB Card

Statement Frequency:

* Internet Banking – Baroda Connect Debit cum ATM Card (* Please fill up separate application for Internet Banking – Baroda Connect and/ or BOB Card).

Please issue Debit cum ATM card in the name of the first / all applicants (in case of two joint a/c holders with operations as E or S / Any one or S): Name to appear on Debit cum ATM Card In CAPITAL LETTER (not to exceed 20 Characters)

First applicant Second Applicant Third Applicant
Residential address

First Applicant
Flat No./Bldg Name Street/ Road & Area/ Locality City and District State and Country Pin Code Tel No., Fax No. Mobile Email




3 Applicant


Bank of Baroda
Communication Address (If different from Residential Address)

First Applicant
Flat No./Bldg Name Street/ Road & Area/ Locality City and District State and Country Pin Code Tel No., Fax No. Mobile




3 Applicant


Permanent Address / In case of NRE, local address in India Flat No./Bldg Name Street / Road & Area / Locality City and District State and Country Pin Code Tel No., OTHER INFORMATION: Education : Monthly Income (Rs.}: (√ tick one) √ Non Matric Upto 5000/SSC/HSC 5001 – 10000 Graduate Post Graduate 20001 - 50000 50001 – 1 lac Above 1 lac

10001 – 20000

Expected Annual Turnover in the A/C:

Rs. _____________________

If salaried, employed with: (√ tick one) √ Proprietorship Public Ltd. MNC Partnership Public Sector Pvt. Ltd. Government Others (Pl. Specify) If Professional: (√ tick one) √ Doctor Architect CA / CS IT Consultant Engineer Lawyer Others (pl. Specify) If Business: (√ tick one) √ Manufacturing Real Estate Antique Service Provider Trader Arms Dealer Agriculture Stock Broker Others (Pl. Specify DECLARATION (Please mark in appropriate boxes): [ ] I / we declare that I / we do not enjoy any credit facilities with other bank/s. [ ] I / we declare that I / we have following deposit accounts and /or...
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