Bank Deposit contract

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Bank Deposit Contract
Reference No: C89364520358

Deposit contract concluded on 20th of January, 2013, in Skopje between: Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje, Head Office, Represented by Ana Nikolovska, Manager of the Legal Division Address: 11 Oktomvri 7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Unique Tax Number: 07495305
Unique Identification Number: 92593630


Name: Aleksandar Surname: Ilievski Address: Bul. Asnom 68-1/20
Unique identification number: 0105990450055
ID number: A23948

The Bank, having accepted from the Depositor a deposit in the amount of__32 000 Euros. The Depositor hereby orders the Bank to transfer the total amount of the Deposit from his/her account with the Bank # _234243543___(hereinafter referred to as “the Current Account”) to his/her deposit account with the Bank # 425356532___ on the effective date of the Contract. Having credited the Deposit to the Deposit Account, the Bank issues a Deposit Account statement to the Depositor. The Depositor confirms the receipt of the statement with his/her signature thus verifying the actual processing of the Deposit and execution of the Contract. An interest rate of (___3, 1____) % per annum shall be applied to the Deposit which will be calculated on annual basis.

1. Rights and obligations
Bank rights:
Independently manage the Deposit;
In the event of Deposit repayment before the maturity date, recalculate the amount of payable interests by charging, from the Deposit, the difference of the interest amounts already paid and those calculated as at such payment date at the rate specified in this Contract; If the Depositor terminates the Contract within 30 days after the Deposit processing date, charge him/her with a fine in the amount specified by the Bank Time Deposit Program (or relevant internal act of the Bank regulating deposit terms); Bank obligations:

Repay the Deposit upon the first request of the Depositor through transferring the recalculated amount to the Depositor’s Current Account within 3 (three) banking days; Ensure the confidentiality of Deposit transactions;

Provide to the Depositor a annual Deposit Account statement before the 5th of January each year, said statement including information on accrued interests, except in case the Bank has not debited or credited the Account during the reporting period; Provide to the Depositor the information specified in the contract through emailing it to ____________________________

delivering it within the Bank premises
by mail
otherwise (specify) ________________________________________________________________ Notify the Depositor of any change pertaining to outlining, review or cancellation of the terms hereof or rights, obligations and responsibility of the Parties, or any amendment to internal Bank acts, affecting this Contract, which entails changes in annual interest-bearing yields, at least 15 days in advance of such change. The information specified in the contract shall be deemed delivered to the Depositor upon sending it through ordinary or electronic mail or making available for the Depositor within the Bank premises, irrespective of actual date of receipt. Upon request provide to the Depositor a Deposit Account statement within a five-day period, subject to current tariffs of the Bank. Depositor rights:

Early and unilaterally terminate this Contract and request the Bank to immediately repay the Deposit in accordance with the procedure. Request the Bank to immediately repay the Deposit and interests and compensate for losses, in the event the Bank fails to repay the Deposit upon the maturity date specified in this Contract. Depositor obligations:

At least 3 (three) banking days prior to the Deposit maturity date, inform the Bank of his/her intention to extend...
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