Bank And Insurance Collaboration

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Bancassurance: The Lessons of Global Experience in Banking and Insurance Collaboration

Steven I Davis


The Author
Steven I Davis has spent his career in the banking and financial services sector as a senior executive, strategy consultant, author, analyst and teacher. He is a graduate (magna cum laude) of Amherst College and of the Harvard Business School. His 20-year career in international banking began at JPMorgan, where he managed a Paris-based research and M&A unit. For Bankers Trust Company, he ran a venture capital subsidiary in New York, and later the bank’s European businesses from a London headquarters. Subsequently he set up and managed for six years the Londonbased merchant banking subsidiary of First International Bancshares of Dallas, Texas. Since establishing Davis International Banking Consultants (DIBC) in 1980, he has managed several hundred strategy assignments for commercial and investment banks, global fund managers, insurers and other financial institutions. In 1993, he headed a DIBC team which advised the Norwegian Ministry of Finance on the restructuring of the country’s banking sector during the Nordic banking crisis. In addition, he and his colleagues have prepared over 60 research reports on the financial sector for publication by investment banks and other clients. Steven Davis is also the author of seven books on the banking sector (published by Macmillan in London). They include Excellence in Banking, Managing Change in the Excellent Banks, Leadership in Financial Services, Bank Mergers: Lessons for the Future, Investment Banking: Addressing the Management Issues and, most recently, Excellence in Banking – Revisited.

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We have used the term ‘Asia-Pacific’ to describe the countries in the Asian land mass as well as other countries in the Pacific Ocean such as Australia, Korea and Japan. Our sources, however, sometimes use the term ‘Asia’ to refer to what appears to be roughly the same area, and when using their data we employ the same term. Our intent is to cast our net as widely as possible in the region by using the term ‘Asia-Pacific’ without attempting to make an academic distinction. © 2007 VRL KnowledgeBank Ltd No part of this report may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright holder. This report is designed to provide accurate information on the general subject matter covered. This report is provided with the understanding that the author and publisher shall have no liability for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions of this report and, by this report, the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering consulting advice or other professional services to the recipient with regard to any specific matter. In the event that consulting or other expert assistance is required with regard to any specific matter, the services of qualified professionals should be sought. Print production: Patersons ( Product code: 7RB First published: London, June 2007 ISBN: 1-905457-63-4


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© 2007
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© 2007
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