Bangladesh Launches National Tree Plantation Movement

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Bangladesh launches national tree plantation movement
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Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Tuesday inaugurated a three-month National Tree Plantation Movement-2010 and one-month National Tree Fair-2010 with a call to plant at least three saplings by each individual on all open spaces to protect environment and biodiversity. "I call upon you all including the people's representatives, government officials and people from all walks of life to plant at least three saplings of fruit-bearing, timber and other medicinal trees and play a pivotal role to involve others with the government's tree plantation movement in this regard," she said. Mentioning the role of trees in poverty alleviation, employment generation and protecting environment, the Prime Minister said her government has undertaken various programs for increasing the country's forest resources to this end through creating of social afforestation. "We are also working for creating greenbelt across the coastal belt to protect it from natural calamities side by side with saving bio-diversity and environment there," she said. Sheikh Hasina also asked the authorities concerned to increase the country's forest area to 25 percent, which is now a mere 10 percent. She said her government has undertaken a project involving 1.09 billion taka (15.57 million U.S. dollars) through social afforestation to alleviate poverty. -------------------------------------------------

Besides, she said it has already initiated a Climate Change Trust Fund of 7 billion taka (100 million U.S. dollars) of its own to face the challenges of adverse impact of climate change. Nearly 140 million people are living in the limited area of Bangladesh. The agriculture sector has not developed enough to produce adequate food grains for the country and as such deficit is met through import from the neighboring countries. The country has become a land of ecological imbalance due to deforestation and lack of afforestation. On the other hand Bangladesh has tremendous possibilities of improvement in the field of traditional and specialized agriculture as well as in the field of afforestation.

Bangladesh Agriculture and Forest Development Ltd. (BAFD), an unit of Bangladesh Development Group is aiming to utilize its natural resource of fertile land and tropical climate for economical development of the country as well as to revert the ecological imbalance. It has the plan to set up Medicinal Plantation as specialized agriculture project and Oil Palm Tree Plantation as agricultural as well as forest development project. The Oil Palm Tree Plantation will also contribute towards improving the condition of ecological imbalance. Moreover, Palm Oil Production will significantly reduce its import volume. Since Oil Palm Tree Plantation cum Palm Oil Production is a new technology in Bangladesh, the company intends to march forward in collaboration with experienced foreign associates to implement its objectives. -------------------------------------------------

* 1.  Medicinal Plantation
* 2.  Palm Oil Production
* -------------------------------------------------
3.  Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation
Unilever Bangladesh is aware of global warming, the seemingly irreversible condition resulting to extreme climate changes. This is why the Company launched a programme to take steps towards creating a Greener Bangladesh and to help protect the country by restoring its greenery Tree Plantation

The consequences of global warming is very significant when we consider Bangladesh, this being a low-lying country. The recent occurrence of Hurricane Aila which left death and destruction in its wake, just over a year after Hurricane Sidr should tell us that our weather patterns are already changing, and that it’s only going to get worse. Bangladesh being a low-lying delta country is particularly vulnerable, standing to loose 15%...
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