Bangladesh Film Development Corporation

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Bangladesh Film Development Corporation

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation or BFDC (more familiar as FDC) works for the development of our film industry by providing sufficient support in the entire process of making a film. Since the very day of its existence, FDC runs its operations under the supervision of the government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. However, the film industry of Bangladesh, as a whole and every locally produced film, in general, are indebted to Bangladesh Film Development Corporation for its unforgettable contribution behind all we have achieved so far. But there are some problems of BFDC which create obstacles in the occurrence of Film industry and ultimately it have a bad effect on our Film industry. Basically, it is a public sector and there are various problems which unable to gain more success in this sector.

The history of making film in Bangladesh is very old. In 1956 the first full-length feature film with sound made in East Pakistan was MukhHYPERLINK "" O HYPERLINK ""Mukhosh, which was produced by Abdul Jabbar Khan. Then the East Bengal Provincial Assembly established the East Pakistan Film Development Corporation (EPFDC) on April 3, 1957. The first film produced by this organization was Asiya (The Life of a Village Girl, 1960), directed by Fateh Lohani. During the late 1960s, between 20 and 35 films were produced each year. Production quantity continued to increase after Bangladesh gained its independence on December 16, 1971. One of the first films produced in Bangladesh after independence was TitashHYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""EktiHYPERLINK "" Nadir HYPERLINK ""Naam (A River Called Titas) in 1973 by acclaimed director RitwikHYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""Ghatak.

Problems of Film Development Corporation (FDC)

There are various problems occurs in Film Development Corporation which creates troubles in their activities. They are given below – 1. Being under the Ministry of Information:
The Information Ministry is one of the busiest and most stressed out ministry for any government in Bangladesh. In this ministry, cinema, not having any urgent political priority, receives inadequate care. For example, the national film awards are supposed to be an annual affair. But to perform this simple duty, the Information Ministry once lagged even five years behind schedule! Even with the best of intentions by the officials concerned, the endemic negligence to cinema is caused due to the amount of workload that the information ministry is burdened with. 2. FDC is lagging thirty years behind:

FDC is lagging thirty years behind the state-of-the-art in filmmaking, not only in the global context, but even to our subcontinent standard. The output of FDC film lab is simply sub-standard. 3. Worst situation of Department of Films and Publication (DFP): The condition of another film-related government body, the film division of the Department of Films and Publication (DFP), is even worse. Days are spent shooting expensive and cumbersome 35mm footages of ministers cutting tape! It’s purchase of exorbitantly price-tagged equipment has remained lucrative for ministry officials as well as-ministers. 4. Problematic censor board:

There are some allegations of illegal activities against the Film Censor Board. Posters of obscene films can be signed by the authority. There are also complain that, they sometime give the censor of unqualified movies. Corruption is one of the great problem for censoring movies. 6. Cinema halls are closing:

Out of eleven hundred functioning cinema halls, more than three hundred and...
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