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Towards Gender Equality

ICDDR,B Gender policy

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Towards Gender Equality

With the implementation of our gender policy,
ICDDR,B seeks to treat all people in a fair and equitable
manner, and to address any inequalities that exist in
research, intervention, services, and training activities.
This new drive towards gender equality is both
necessary and timely, and is also designed to improve
the performance of the Centre by tapping and fully
utilizing the skills, talents and opportunities of both
women and men. The Centre’s gender policy is
somewhat unique in that it not only addresses the issues
of its staff, but it is also concerned with the way we
treat those we serve and those we train. During the
process of formulating our gender policy, we have
learnt that many of our principles are global; their
application must be adapted to the local situation and
we will continue to modify these policies as we discover
new applications for them.

David A Sack, MD
Executive Director

ICDDR,B Gender Policy

The Gender Policy approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2003 seeks to complement and strengthen the focus on gender equality in the Centre’s Strategic Plan. The policy will help the Centre integrate and institutionalize gender equity goals and objectives both organizationally and into all its research, interventions, service and training. The policy will be implemented until 2010 with modifications based on review of the Centre’s progress in implementation and the need to address emerging issues. The Gender Policy is based on principles of equity and equality; affirmative action; and enhanced research, interventions, service and training. The Gender Policy establishes an overall goal for the Centre in the conduct of its research, interventions, service and training and organizational matters. Critical to achieving this goal are strategies for implementation and measurable objectives set forth in the Gender Policy. In addition, timebound targets will be developed on an annual basis by the Gender Equality Committee to guide the implementation process.


ICDDR,B seeks to be responsive to and promote
gender equity and equality in the organization and
ensure that its research, interventions, services and
training activities serve the needs and interests of
both women and men, thus contributing to the
elimination of discrimination against women...

The following strategies will be adopted by the Centre to ensure implementation of the Gender Policy:

Endorsement of the Gender Policy by the
Board of Trustees/senior management;
advocacy for Centre-wide commitment to
the policy


review and revision of all internal
policies, procedures and rules in light of
the Gender Policy


commitment of sufficient technical and
financial resources for policy


increased effective representation of
women in key decision-making bodies


development of special initiatives to raise
awareness of gender issues and the Gender


implementation of a gender analytical
framework to guide research,
interventions, service and training
where appropriate


Towards Gender Equality

The Centre will address both organizational objectives and activities focusing on research, interventions, service and training.

Organizational Objectives
1. Organizational commitment: Ensure organizational commitment and the allocation of resources so that the Gender Policy will be mainstreamed within the...
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