Bandon Group Part 1

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Sales Pages: 4 (978 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The Bandon Group is a family owned distributor of copiers, electronic printers, faxes and other office equipment who provides high quality equipment and superior customer service at cost effective prices. Their continued success, beginning in 1972, led them to expand into information systems consulting, document outsourcing, and document management services, by 1994. After experiencing exponential growth due to their good reputation, they found that they had outgrown their current information systems. Customers began to request web enabled services, such as online meter readings and e-business solutions. There were also difficulties with the sales prospecting database, as it was not integrated with the operations administrative database (OMD), which made it difficult for Bandon Group to address the needs of their customers. Furthermore, OMD was not built with the relational database making ad hoc querying and reporting difficult for managers.

Scope and Purpose
The scope of this study is to examine the feasibility of incorporating an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or a customer relationship management (CRP) system at Bandon Group. The overall benefit of the study was to assure that IT plans support future business plans, to provide a basis for linking IT spending to the business direction, offer context for functional managers and MIS professionals to make accurate determinations, and present closer integrations of like systems and networks while decentralizing technology and operational activities.

Document high-level business direction
The Bandon group had three main goals in mind. The main goals was overall growth from division to corporate level. In order to do that, they wanted to expand into the IT consulting field, creating a higher market share. Secondly, Bandon Group wanted a better relationship with their customers and suppliers. Lastly, the company wanted to lower administrative costs through better use...

References: Sumner, M. (1998). Enterprise resource planning. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
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