Band of Brothers Review

Topics: Military, American Civil War, Army Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: January 16, 2013
nd of 1.Introduction
The article “A Band of Brothers” is about the soldiers in the civil war and how they fought to defend their dignity. Being a soldier wasn’t enough to prove their devotion to the confederate or union army, they had to prove they were fierce in battle and fought for their pride. This article quotes stories from the civil war armies and how the soldiers would give up their lives in order to take their dignity and pride in fighting for their ideas. 2. Critical Summary

The people of the army would give almost anything to be considered a courageous warrior. If they were to give in they would’ve been considered weak. A private in the 62nd Pennsylvania was to stay behind and return back; but he wouldn’t because he needed to defend his title. “’ If I had staid behind I would have been called a coward.”’ When they left their families, they knew that they weren’t coming back soon, or at all. Although this man was allowed to come back, he signed up knowing that he wouldn’t return until his duties were filled. Not only would he have failed himself if he quit, but he would be know as a coward to everyone else. Also many of the other soldiers such as the 20th Georgia felt the same. “I had rather dye on the battle field than to disgrace my self and the hole family.” The soldiers didn’t go into the army to free their country, or to keep their ideas; but to prove to themselves and others that they are “men.” 3.Historical Relationship

This article is highly related to our recent lessons on the civil war. The people in the war fought for their country and dignity. A soldier in the army doesn’t mean they just show up, they would risk their lives to fight for their country. This article is very educational and helpful because it explains the thoughts of the people in the army and their actions. 4.Conclusion

The understanding of the civil war soldiers is greately increased by reading this article. Although many assume that these people would...
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