Banana Heart Summer Reaction Paper

Topics: Love, Taste, Debut albums Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Choose your favorite lines/quotations from Banana Heart Summer. Explain & justify your choice.

“Perhaps like falling in love, eating is passion wearing a semblance of decorousness, when delicacy is out of reach because the palate had just been ambushed into helplessness.”

Food is the thing that the Filipinos must be proud of. As some foreigners say about the Philippines is that the food tastes great. Filipino food, although some are from the colonizers, are truly delicious. As a website say, “To the Filipinos, food is important as it is an integral part of local art and culture as well as communal existence.” For food, Merlinda Bobis somewhat approached the Filipinos her story in the language of food and love; hence she wrote Banana Heart Summer. I have chosen this quotation from the novel because I can relate to it. In fact everyone, every single soul who loved and is experiencing love in any of its form is a valuable proof. Like food, Love is a factor in a person which is needed to be able to live harmoniously. It is a means to survive in a brutal hungry world. Both food and love serves everyone. It is not limited to race, age, gender, but somewhat different when it comes to religion. Sometimes that hinders two people who are in love to be together. I also chose this quotation because I can say that I am one of those people who loves to eat and is in a state that is merely magical--- being in love. Both food and love is the core of my heart right now. They both inspire me be a better me. Food satisfies my physical body while Love replenishes my spirit. Maybe, the writer wanted to tell us that love is like eating. Eating has different tastes, and so as love. We cannot live without food; and it is also the thing the writer points out about love. The author opens it with love and food, and ends it with satisfaction on love and food. And her readers are satisfied with love, and food.

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