Topics: Primate, Ape, Human Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Can Animals Think?

Adorable, what comes to mind when you think of this word? Some might think of puppies, dogs, rabbits, cats, dolphins, or maybe even monkeys. But have you ever considered intelligence as a characteristic of these animals? Few have, even though the animal shows evidence of intelligence every day. Of course animals aren’t as intelligent as humans but we both share common characteristics. Both animal and man have the ability to think, and they both survive and adapt to the their habitat or situation. One can conclude that some animals are considered mare intelligent than others but they all are intelligent in their own way. Cetaceans and the great apes are very close to us intelligence wise. While wolves and herd animals have a somewhat limited intelligence. They aren’t stupid but not as smart as apes, wolves have the ability to hunt in packs and Asses a situation and respond accordingly. Herd animals stay in packs because they know there is strength in numbers.

It is clear that animals lack a human’s level of intelligence. Yet, animals have shown that they are capable of competency. A Bonobo named Kanzie communicates with scientist by using 384 symbols. Kanzie has also shown evidence of creativity, when given a vegetable similar to lettuce the Bonobo labeled the kale as “slow lettuce” due to the time it took to chew. How could an animal without the ability to think make this connection? This clearly shows that animals have the ability to think. One might counter that the monkey is only responding to the persons voice and what is being directed to do, and the primate should not be considered intelligent due to how primitive it is. Yet monkeys and humans share many practices, we both core for and raise our young, we mourn for our dead, and do what’s necessary to survive. So by calling the Monkeys and Apes primitive wouldn’t...
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