Ban on Smoking- Case Study

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Case Study On:
“Ban on Public Smoking vs. Imposition of Tax on Tobacco”



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Executive Summary

The government of India came up with a law in the form of the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008 via Notification No.GSR417 (E) dated 30th May, 2008 issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This law was enforced on the auspicious occasion of anniversary of the birth of independence hero Mahatma Gandhi, who was known for his ascetic habits. i.e. on 2nd October, 2008. India has had laws against smoking in public places in place for some time, but they have not been enforced strictly. India is the third-largest tobacco producer and consumer in the world after China and the United States. The point of debate arises that whether this ban on smoking is actually feasible or not. The government could have opted for other measures in order to curb smoking and reduce consumption of all kinds of tobacco products. These include the imposition of tax on consumption of tobacco. Many experts believed that the government could have gone for this model of tax on tobacco rather than ban on smoking in public. The government is hoping to achieve its objective of a smoke free environment & better health for the people. The relative efficacy between the ban on public smoking and tax on tobacco is debated and many socio-economic, cultural and demographic factors are taken into consideration to get an insight into the consumer’s behavior.

Problem Line

Ban on Public Smoking or Imposition of Tax on Tobacco, which of these should be adopted keeping in view the needs of country like India.

Facts about Smoking in India
Smoking kills 900,000 people every year in India, and unless corrective action is taken soon that number will increase to 1 million smoking-related deaths annually by 2010 and beyond, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and conducted by scientists from India, Canada and the UK. For the study, 900 field workers gathered information from a sample of 1.1 million homes in all parts of India. ➢ Smoking may soon account for 20 percent of all male deaths and 5 percent of all female deaths among Indians between the ages of 30 and 69. ➢ About 61 percent of men who smoke can expect to die between the ages of 30 and 69, compared with only 41 percent of non-smoking men who are similar in other ways. ➢ About 62 percent of women who smoke can expect to die between the ages of 30...
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