Ban of Plastic Bag

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The explosion of technology, though makes our lives smooth and comfortable, also bring with it certain disasters. The disaster is made by the users of the technology-the human beings. It is our behavior which affects the environment. It may be global warming, depletion of natural resources, seasonal uncertainties, or serious health problems, we are responsible in some or the other way to make it happen. Here comes the question, how informed, sensible and responsible we are as consumers? We are least bothered about our behavior, causing more harm to our planet. Unless we engage ourselves in ecologically oriented or pro-environmental behavior, we are on the way to perish. The protection of the physical environment requires a multidisciplinary approach involving a wider representation of various sections and communities of the society at large.

Towards success and technological excellence, we human beings have caused much harm to planet earth. We consume valuables and irreplaceable resources, like coal and oil, at an ever-increasing rate. Items like paper, plastics, glass and fabrics are consumed in limitless amounts and wasted thoughtlessly. If we continue to do so, humanity and planet earth will soon be in danger. In olden days people use to carry cloth bags or jute bags to the shop to purchase grocery or other things but when plastic is discovered it became part and parcel of our lives, what ever we do we use plastic in day to life, whether it is a plastic mug, plastic bucket or plastic containers we use in kitchen. 

The biggest problem with the plastic bags which are used for packing of milk, oil, salt etc they become big environmental problem. When we go for shopping the shop owners give plastic bag which is handy but which is destroying the environment. 

Plastic bags are light, sturdy and easy to carry. They are cheaper than paper. Plastics are reused in the home. We see so many beautiful and fashionable and colorful bags but how much these bags will harm environment many people do not aware. 

The problem with plastic bags is -
* Plastic is not biodegradable
* When buried plastic will choke the drainages
* When burnt plastics will emit poisonous gases
To make plastic one has to use the petroleum products, plastic production and processing require the use of toxic chemicals. Many manufacturing plants that produce these chemicals also produce hazardous waste and pollute the air. Five of the top six were chemicals commonly used by the plastic industry [propylene, phenol, ethylene, polystyrene, and benzene] Plastics which are substitute to traditional storage materials become problem to the environment. The shops should not give plastic bags free, the shops should charged to the customers to discourage customers in using plastic bags. There should be research to make the biodegradable plastics and technology should help to solve the environment problem Plastic should be banned by law and the people were asked to carry the cloth bags while shopping whether it is for grocery or other shopping. As a citizen it is your individual social responsibility to carry cloth bags and do not accept to carry plastic bags while shopping.

All states should ban using of plastic bags and should adopt the practice of - * Use biodegradable plastics.
* There should be scientific waste management system to recycle waste. * All state pollution control boards should be strengthened * The law should be strictly implemented by authorities. * There should be strict punishment for violators of the law. Here, after looking at the information regarding the problem of plastic bag usage, we would give a minute thought on - the plastic bag usage should be banned? In india, many of the states have adopted the practice of not using the plastic bag and now this act has also taken place in the city named “AHMEDABAD”, and so we should know the views of ahmedabad people about the banning of the...
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