Bamboo and Assam

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Assam - "The Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills"
Stretched out like a soaring bird, Assam is comprised of three main geographical areas: the Brahmaputra Valley, the Barak valley and the North Cachar Hills. Assam has unspoiled natural beauty, teeming wildlife, beautiful tea gardens and warm beautiful people. It shares borders with Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and West Bengal. Assam also shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. The state has an impressive 35% forest cover and thousands of hectares under tea cultivation. Assam has five national parks including the World Heritage Sites of Kazirnaga and Manas, and 20 Wildlife sanctuaries. The great Indian one-horned rhinoceros is one of Assam's most famous denizens. BRAHMAPUTRA

Flowing majestically along the Assam Valley is the mighty Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra originates from Chemayung-Dung glacier near Mount Kailash and the Manas Sarovar. It is known here as the Tsang-Po or the purifier. In Assam, the Brahmaputra is a vast, placid river through most of the year with a river bed which is 10 kms wide in certain areas. At Saraighat, in Guwahati, the river is at its narrowest, barely a kilometre wide. It was here that the historical battle of Saraighat was fought in 1671 between the Ahoms and the Mughals. Nearly three centures later in 1962, the first rail-cum-road bridge over the Brahmaputra was opened to traffic. Brahmaputra's exceptional characteristic is its numerous islands including the world's largest populated river island, Majuli. HISTORY

The first king who ruled over Kamrupa was Pushya Varman (350-380 AD). Mahendra Varman, a descendent of Pushya Varman, was the first king of Kamrupa who waged a successful war against the Gupta army. The rule of the Varman dynasty flourished in the rule of Bhaskar Varman (594-650 AD), because it is with the rule of Bhaskar Varman, that a new epoch of Assam history opened. The dynasty of the Varman kings ended with Bhaskar Varman (650 AD).

The Salasthambha dynasty was the next in the line which began with the reign of a chieftain called Salastambha. Among all the kings of the Salastambha dynasty, it was Shri Harshadeva (725-750 AD) who acquitted himself as a good king. After the invasion of the Mughals in the 15th century many Muslims settled in this State and can be said to be the first Muslim settlers of this region. In 1919-20 like the rest of the country Assam also plunged into the non-cooperation movement launched by Gandhiji. The year 1912 is a memorable year is the annals of Assam history because of two things, which were: (1) Gandhiji's visit to Assam, (2) Strikes by Assam Bengal train service. Assam joined the rest of the country in the Civil Disobedience movement of 1930 launched by Gandhiji. The first Governor of Independent Assam was Sir Akbar Haidari and Chief Minister was Gopinath Bordoloi. TRIBAL DANCES & FESTIVALS

Each tribal groups has its own stock of folk dances which are attractive as much for the flowing movements as for the colouful costumes and the earthy quality of the accompanying music. The tribes of assam perform various dances indifferent seasons and festivals such as the Bodo dance, Mishing dance, Dance of Tiwa, Karbi dance, Dimasa dance, etc. FOOD

Food in Assam is essentially rice-based and it includes cooked fish and meat dishes. Simplicity is the speciality of the Assamese dishes and varieties of ingredients. Assamese dishes are less spicy than any other Indian dishes, but carry richness of taste and health. Assamese are by and large non-vegetarian. FESTIVAL

Assam is a land of fairs and festivals. Most of the festivals celebrated in Assam have their roots in the diverse faith and belief of her inhabitants. The major festivals celebrated in Assam are Bihu, Baishagu, Ali-AiLigang, Baikho, Rongker, Rajini Gabra, Harni Gabra, Bohaggiyo Bishu, Ambubashi Mela and Jonbill Mela and...
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