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Government Spending: Foreign Aid and Military
Gabriel Gjonaj
Oakland University

In this paper we discuss how the government squanders too much money in military and foreign aid endeavors and doesn’t focus on its own problems here in the United States. We first look at how effective the government was to responding to Katrina. Then we compare Katrina to Haiti and the Iraq Reconstruction to show that our government needs to put its natural disaster needs first and not another countries. Next we discuss the military squandering’s in the wars with both Afghanistan and Iraq. I point out that the reasons we went to war with both countries have been addressed and that we should no longer continue to be in either country. I also point out that our presence in either country is not effective in helping them progress and therefore we should pull out of the Middle East. I go on to say that most of the public criticizes both wars. I also suggest better ways the government could spend money on projects here at home.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: FOREIGN AID AND MILITARY 3 Government Spending: Foreign Aid and Military
In recent years many have been feeling the effects of the recession, some more than others, but its presence is known to everyone. The United States debt grows larger everyday like the fast growing bamboo that is strong enough to penetrate a human body within a matter of days. (The bamboo was actually rumored to be used as a torture device in Japan during WWII. People were strapped over bamboo shoots and the bamboo would grow through them). The more it grows the more we are tortured. Looking at our history within the past decade or so it seems our government likes to go to war, rebuild the helpless war torn country, give aid to other countries (even when it means borrowing more to give away more), and ignoring our own problems; so long as we can continue to flex our big army guns and show off our powerful abs to the rest of the world. What about our bamboo, how good will we look when it has fully penetrated us? Why not end the suffering and cut back the bamboo. It’s only logical. The already in debt United States government needs to take hedge cutters to spending in the foreign aid and military departments (especially with an ailing economy) and express more interest in our own problems here at home. August, 29 2005 hurricane Katrina hits the gulf coast as a category three hurricane, killing a confirmed 1836 people and racking up 75 billion GOVERNMENT SPENDING: FOREIGN AID AND MILITARY 4 dollars worth of physical damage (Discovery Channel, n.d.). New Orleans, with bowl-like geography dips below sea level and was unprotected by weak, unmaintained levees. Eighty percent of New Orleans was flooded, up to 20 feet in some places (Discovery Channel n.d.). The Bush administration including the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is highly criticized for its response before and after Katrina hit. There was a delay in the call for evacuation especially when it was known that the levees weren’t satisfactory. Blanco, the governor of Louisiana, requested 900 buses from the FEMA to aid in the evacuations and only received 100 (ThinkProgress, 2005). Blanco also constantly updated the president on the levee situation and asked the president for help: “Mr. President, we need your help. We need everything you’ve got.” –two days after Katrina hit and after a second plea for help by Blanco was made, the president finally started to organize help (ThinkProgress, 2005). National troop guards didn’t arrive until two days after requested (ThinkProgress, 2005). The government’s response to its own disaster was sluggish, but when disaster strikes Haiti, it took our government one day to pledge aid...

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