Balmain Textile Assignment

Topics: Edward Molyneux, Pierre Balmain, Rock music Pages: 8 (1462 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Name: Julia Muller
Date: 24 march 2012
Subject: Balmain Fabric Assignment


Agency brief

1. HistoryPg. 3,4

2. Brand IdentityPg. 5, 6

3.TargetPg. 6

4. BudgetPg. 7

New collection

1.Previous outfits & fabrics 2012Pg. 8

2. New collection planPg. 9 + A3 form


1) History Balmain

Pierre Balmain himself
Pierre Balmain was born in 1914 in Paris. His father who unfortunately died when Pierre Balmain was 7 years old, owned a wholesale drapery. His mother and sisters managing the boutique. Pierre Balmain started to study architecture, but he was more interested in designing clothes. So Balmain started in 1934 to work for the fashion designer Edward Molyneux. Edward Molyneux was known for his extravagant clothes, and a bit over the top style, he was one of the greatest couturiers of that time. Balmain worked for Mr. Molyneux for 5 years.

In 1939 Balmain worked for Lucien Lelong where he worked side by side with Christian Dior. Finally in 1945 Balmain was able to open his own fashion house. He designed a ‘new French style’, which was definitely influenced by a post war style. The woman who wore the clothes would represented an active, confident and elegant women. This look and woman was later known as the ‘jolie madame’. It was often compared with the ‘new look’ of Christian Dior, where the waist of the woman is small and where she wears a long bellshaped skirt.

In the 60’s Balmain started to experience more with different kind of fabrics, he was clashing and melding new shapes and styles. He dressed a lot of movie stars like Bridgit Bardot, Sophia Lauren and Joshephine Baker. So his clientele where people with a lot of money. But in the 70s he broadened his clientele by making also a ready to wear collection. His designs where filled with elegance and slender lines. He developed his company by designing uniforms for the Singapore airlines and he also developed perfumes. In 1882 Balmain died.

(1950) (1960) (1970) (1980) After the dead of Pierre Balmain:

After the dead of Pierre Balmain the house was managed by Erik Mortensen who was the ‘right hand’ of Pierre Balmain. He kept the style and identity of Piere Balmain by keeping the classical style and luxurious designs. This was also transferred when Herve Piere (in 1990) was creative director.

In 1993 Oskar de la renta was the creative director of Balmain, who kept the classical Look and the ‘jolie madame’ look. Gillet dufour (1998) replaced his position, but was later in 2002 replaced by Laurent Mercier. Balmain hit a rough patch and closed for 2 years in 2004.

It was in 2006 when Balmain was reinvented. Balmain became more modern and edgier. This was when Chrisophe Decarnin was the head of the house Balmain, now Balmain came to be known as a glamourous, sexy and rock style brand. The dresses became shorter, tighter, edgier and sexier. In that time the famous Balmain jacket was invented, with the broad shoulders. Finally in 2011, Chrisophe Decarnin left the position of creative director and was replaced by Oliver Rousteign, who kept the edgy style. Roustaign added a bit more retro look and also some glitters of the 70s.

(Erik Mortensen for balmain) (Oskar de la renta for balmain) (lauren Mercier for balmain)

(Christophe Decarnin for Balmain)

2) Brand Identity & Style

Objectives and style:
So if we look at the history and style from Balmain, we see that the style changed from classical and elegant to sexy and edgy. The two different styles have in common that the clothing are designed for confident woman with a luxurious lifestyle. Now Balmain is mostly known for their...
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