Balloon Launch

Topics: Wind, Balloon, Weather balloon Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: June 19, 2013
* Students launch Malaysia’s first weather balloon to Near Space * On 17th of March a group of high school students launch a weather balloon to up to 80,000feet in the stratosphere to capture a glimpse of earth from near space. The launch is believed to be first of its kind in Malaysia. * This group consist of 8 passionate students from Hin Hua High School, they launched a weather balloon equipped with gps navigating systems & a digital camera to stratosphere at Sabak Bernam on the 17th of March. The project leader Jason Tan, who was inspired by United State’s MIT students sending a weather balloon to space, decided to take up the mission of Malaysia’s first weather balloon project. *

* It was an activity conducted totally without teachers’ guidance, the students had managed to conduct the experiment by themselves throughout the whole mission. The students had gathered the data they needed and combined the knowledge they had learned at school to the science concept. They studied the experiment carefully and decided to challenge the high difficulty experiment as people who conduct such experiments are usually graduates, experts or professionals. “We expected to bring Malaysia’s flag to space, glorify the name of our school thus our country.” Jason Tan manifested the aim and objective of the mission. “We also encourage every other student to be independent in science researches, self-learning is an effective way of gaining knowledge.” “Although the idea initially came from Massachusetts institute of technology, we have to start from scratch because there is little or no knowledge about it and the nature of Malaysia itself makes the overall project even more challenging than Western Countries” claimed Jason. The preparation for the science experiment took about 2 pain-staking months. “Malaysia is a country with complicated climates, unlike in America or Canada, they have broad plains to launch weather balloons. Moreover our country is...
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