Balloon Cars

Topics: Diffraction, Magnet, Diffraction grating Pages: 4 (1075 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Investigatory Projects in Physics
  Repulsorlifts as a Method of Stable Magnetic Levitation| Repulsorlifts were used in the study to find out if they can be used to replace the wheels of a conventional car. It was hypothesized that it will be able to lift a car using magnetic repulsion forces. The different magnets were tested individually with the usual tests for magnetic strength, size, and temperature increase, which were done in the preliminary testing. The prototype road and car were then constructed based on the specifications that had been identified after the preliminary testing. The prototype car’s magnets were permanent magnets while the road magnets were electromagnets. They had been oriented so that the magnets would repel each other.After the levitation tests, the proponents constructed other prototype roads and cars, based on the design which increased the chances for stability of the project. The repulsorlift setups were then tested for levitation. It was found that the repulsorlift was capable of lifting the car, yet its stability and lift would depend on two factors: the strength and the ratio of the strength of the car and road magnets, and the angles at which the car magnets are oriented. Therefore, repulsorlifts can be used as a method of levitation for cars once the lift would be sufficient to resist both gravity and the weights on the car.Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.Researchers Earl Angelo B. Panganiban

Jeneza R. Dayola
Jon Michael Christian Van Luke G. TornillaAdviser
Elmer J. Invento
Cebu City National Science High School Cost-Effective Free Fall Apparatus| Cost-Effective Free Fall Apparatus for Elementary and Secondary Students. Public Schools do not have sufficient funds for the purchase of a Free-Fall Apparatus, which is used to measure the time for a falling object to hit the switch pad from a certain point. A cost-effective Free-Fall Apparatus was...
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