Ballet Represented in Art

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Ballet is a complex mixture of technique and basically a fair bit of coordination and musicality (which is feeling and moving with the music). You have to perform it confidently and it has to fit the mood of the dance and music. Ballet was considered as a classical form of art.

The beauty of this 
dance type was considered timeless and unchanging. It was considered as 
an art in itself . The movement of the ballerinas represented years of 
training It was an 
art form that entailed perfection and it was all for a night 's glory for 
a stage performance.
 The movement of the ballet dancers entailed specific rhythm it 
required them to have undeniable grace and unity with the music . This 
made dance , for whatever genre or form , a beautiful piece of performance 
art . The discipline that was attributed to ballet was something that was 
unique to this dance form Ballet was a dance that was considered one of the most exquisite . Strength 
and grace characterized this art form.

Depiction in Arts Works

It had 
existed for centuries and was depicted in numerous art works . The experience of watching ballet 
was the actual experience of art . When dance was depicted in paintings ,
sculptures or photography , it would represent something that was beyond 
beautiful . It was considered as the capturing of beauty on the canvas 
or the photograph . It was art depicted in art .

Edgar Degas represented the art of depicting art in the best possible 
manner . He was the master of ballerina paintings .
Dance had been a 
subject of visual artwork but it was Degas who represented this art form 
in one of the most exquisite manner . The portrayal of ballet in painting 
was uniquely captivating when it was expressed in the Impressionist art 
period .
 The movement of the brushes complemented the actual movement of the 
dancers as they were being observed and painting . Visible brush strokes exemplified the beauty of ballet .

From their costumes , to the...
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