Ballad of the Sad Cafe Guide Questions

Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: August 23, 2014
The Ballad of the Sad Café (part I)
1.For how long does the store remain a café?
The store remains a café for four years.
2.Before his arrival, who sleeps in Cousin Lymons’s room? Before Lymon arrives, Marvin Macy slept in the room.
3.Describe Amelia’s Room.
Miss Amelia’s room is very simple. Her room is smaller than Lymon’s and is composed of an narrow bed made of pine, curtains, rugs or ornaments, 4.What does Miss Amelia’s velvet box contain?
The velvet box contained two grayish stones (her kidney stones). 5.What is Miss Amelia’s most treasured ornament?
The acorn she picked up when her father died is the most treasured ornament. 6.What do Cousin Lymon and Miss Amelia spend a lot of time doing together? Lymon and Amelia like to talk. She feels very comfortable with him. 7.Which person Miss Amelia speaks of only to Cousin Lymon? The person that Miss Amelia’s talks about, only to Cousin Lymon, is her father. 8.What memory does Miss Amelia not want to share with Cousin Lymon? Miss Amelia does want to speak of Marvin Macy to Cousin Lymon. 9.Who likes to create conflict between people?

It is Cousin Lymon who tends to create conflict between the people. 10.What do people oftentimes think of Cousin Lymon’s stories? Many of the people think that Cousing Lymon is lying or bragging about stuff when he is telling his stories.

11.Who receives a letter from Marvin Macy?
Henry Macy, Marcin Macy’s brother, receives a letter from Marvin Mercy.

12.What does the letter inform?
The letter informs Marvin out of prison.
13.Who wants to know more about Marvin Macy?
Cousin Lymon is the person who knows more about Miss Amelia’s ex-husband Marvin Macy. 14.How does Miss Amelia react to the letter from Marvin Macy? Miss Amelia reacts to the letter by being very pissed and is also shocked and silent for a moment. 15.How can Miss Amelia’s workload during the autumn season be described? Miss Amelia was a hard worker. She...
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