Ballad of Racism

Topics: Stereotype, Osama bin Laden, Prejudice Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: December 5, 2006
Paul Botros
Ms. Cocuzza

The Ballad of Racism
Prejudice and Ignorance are a lethal cocktail that have always left civilization with an discomforting hangover. Unfortunately history is an endless waltz , in which the ballad of racism and ignorance never ends. They dig deep into ones heart and mind and even have the power to brainwash a person. Twenty-five years ago my mother and father fled their homeland in fear of religious persecution, and intolerance. Among a land of fanatical Islam and hypocritical government my Coptic Orthodox parents sought refuge in America. A place my parents believed, where racism was a thing of the past. For the most part, I have dealt with it with ease but it was only until a friend said something did I then realize that even the closest people you know, you trust, and stand up for can turn on you. Being of Egyptian and Greek decent many of my peers cracked the occasional "pharaoh" joke which I didn't take offence since I was proud of my heritage and its history. After all the middle eastern conflict began brewing one day an arrogant "friend" asked me where my father, Osama Bin Laden was. Usually I could easily let this go, but this person did this to act tough in front of his peers and make an ass out of me. Instantly, something inside me was set ablaze almost as if someone struck a match within me. Now that my fight or flight system kicked in, it felt almost as if I was my feet had wings. I chased him as speedily as I possibly could with every intention of pummeling this him as soon as I caught him. By the time I caught up with this rabble-rouser, he had fled to his car and driven away. Looking back on my actions I see that my reaction was not the best suited for the situation. I let my temper get in the way of my thinking, and by chasing the "clown" I let him get the best of me and letting him do what he intended. Many of my friends were shocked to see me this angry. Empty-headed remarks, be they racist or...
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