Topics: Metropolitana di Napoli, Osaka Municipal Subway, Poetry Pages: 9 (454 words) Published: May 21, 2015

- A short narrative poem. About tragic, lost, or love. Also could be about a song or oral tradition.

The Ocean waves might roll,
And the stormy winds might blow,
While we slowly watch,
The reflection of the moon glow.

- 5 Line poem
- Line 1 has 2 syllables
- Line 2 has 4 syllables
- Line 3 has 6 syllables
- Line 4 has 8 syllables
- Line 5 has 2 syllables

Amazing Game
Played with feet
Keeps me very athletic

Canadian sport
Played on ice
Exciting, Tiring, Thrilling, Amazing

- A short non-sensical poem with a set rhythm scheme.
- Line 1 has 3 syllables
- Line 2 has 3 syllables
- Line 3 has 2 syllables
- Line 4 has 2 syllables
- Line 5 has 3 syllables

There once was a midget man,
He had an amazing tan,
He fell from above,
Killed a thug with his glove,
Then he was thrown in a can.

There once was a ghost from the states,
He would come home really late,
He made girls cry,
I wonder why,
That’s why he never could date.

- 3 Line poem
- Line 1 has 5 syllables
- Line 2 has 7 syllables
- Line 3 has 5 syllables
- Japanese nature poem

Dark Night
Clouds sailing swiftly,
In the darkness of black sky’s,
Bringing stormy rain.

Up in the bright sky,
The colorful rainbow stands,
After the rain falls.

- Japanese nature poem
- 5 Lines
- Line 1 has 5 syllables
- Line 2 has 7 syllables
- Line 3 has 5 syllables
- Line 4 has 7 syllables
- Line 5 has 7 syllables

Blue, green, and aqua,
The underwater city,
Depths beyond belief,
Little fisheye’s everywhere,
Moments of calmness and rush.

From the sky it falls,
Gathers on the ground slowly,
Blanketing the earth,
With love it brings coldness,

- Poem in a shape of a diamond
- Express contrast
- First word exact opposite of the last word

Sunny, Hot
Swimming, Surfing, Fishing
Breeze, Ocean, Mountains, Wind
Skiing, Skating, Sledding
Rainy, Cold

Wet, Cold
Pouring, Dripping, Rushing
Dampness, Puddles, Heat, Light
Warming, Tanning, Burning
Dry, Hot

Found Poem:
- A poem created by “finding” words or phrases from a selection of text or other sources.

My sweet love,
Carry me like a light balloon,
As I took a look around here is her funny friend,
The rain was near tonight,
Our magic boat does go only is you whisper the sound hello,
Dance in the pool,
Splash drips and drops of the rain,
Sleep, Dream, True!

- A poem written in the form of the topic you are discussing.

Tornado goes around and around.
If they touch the ground they’ll
was everything out with a
blink of an
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