Balkan Entente

Topics: World War I, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: February 25, 2013
IR-2B, Aidaraliyeva Madina
Balkan entente
The new world regulation, which Western Countries who were the winners of the war planned to establish, totally changed the political map of Balkan Peninsula. Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and Russian Empires broke up and Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey were established as Nation States on that land. In Balkan Peninsula, such a political geography was established that almost all countries on that region could claim right on the lands of neighboring countries. The borders determined by peace treaties caused so many problems that there was no opportunity for them to bring real peace. It is clearly seen how difficult it was to save peace in such an environment. The cooperation among the Balkan States which conduced to the conclusion of the Pact of Balkan Agreement (or the Balkan Entente) had started at the Balkan conferences (1930-1933) preceded by bilateral pacts of friendship and peaceful solution of disputes in accordance with the policy and principles of the League of Nations. The purpose of these conferences was, inter alia, the conclusion of the all-Balkan treaty on non-aggression and arbitration on the basis of the preservation of the status quo in regard to territorial questions within the framework of the League of Nations. The Balkan Entente was an alliance which was formed in the 9th of February in 1934 by the assisting of four countries such as Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Romania. The aim of entente was to maintain the geopolitical status quo in the region after the First World War The actors agreed to suspend all matters concerning the territorial disputes against each other. There were other states that were invited to join the entente, but they refused. We can relate them Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Soviet Union. This entente was built and existed by the Balkan pact which was registered in the League of Nations. The Balkan pact consisted from the 3 articles....
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