Bali Nine Ringleaders Next in Line to be Executed

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Crime Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Alex Brown
Comparative Criminal Justice
Dr. Kilgallon
Article Summary
The article I chose to write about this week is titled, “‘Bali Nine’ Ringleaders ‘Next in Line’ to be Executed”. This article discusses how Indonesia’s Attorney General said two Australians are facing the death penalty in Bali, and are next in line to be executed. The two are members of the ‘Bali Nine’ drug smuggling ring. The ‘Bali Nine’ were a group of nine Australians arrested in Bali in 2005 with more than 8.3kg (18lb) of heroin. Last Friday they applied for a fresh judicial review, but the Attorney General’s office says they have exhausted options for appeal. Appeals for clemency have already been rejected by the president’s office.

The Attorney General said that the two Australians will be included in the next group of prisoners to be put to death. There are many Australians that support the execution, which makes Indonesia believe it is not making a mistake. Lawyers for the two Australians have filed an application for a second judicial review, which focused on the men’s rehabilitation in prison, but did not constitute new evidence.

Indonesia has some of the toughest drug laws in the world. In 2013, it ended a four-year standstill on executions. Last month, Indonesia executed convicts from Malawi, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil, and the Netherlands. In protest, Brazil and the Netherlands to recall their ambassadors in protest. Australian authorities have threatened to do the same if the two Australians are put to death. Australia opposes the death penalty and its government has repeatedly campaigned on behalf of the men.
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