Balco: Disinvestment Story

Topics: Aluminium, Bauxite, Aditya Birla Group Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Balco - The Disinvestment Story: Introduction
|In February 2001, the Government of India (GoI) struck its first |[pic][pic] | |disinvestment deal in the fiscal 2000-01. It approved the sale of its 51% | | |stake in aluminium major, Bharat Aluminium Co Ltd (Balco) to Sterlite | | |Industries Ltd. (SIL), for Rs. 551.5 crores. Balco was a profit making public| | |sector company under the Ministry of Mines (MoM). In 2000, it had a turnover | | |of Rs.898 crores and a profit after tax of Rs. 56 crores. | | | | | |Balco had two working units - an integrated Aluminium complex situated at | | |Korba in Chhattisgarh and the second at Bidhanbag in West Bengal equipped to | | |produce only on downstream facilities. Balco had a total workforce of 7,000. | | | | | |The Opposition launched a massive attack accusing the BJP Government of | | |'selling out' to private interests. Also, the Chattisgarh Chief Minister, | | |Ajit Jogi, (Jogi) alleged a Rs. 100 crore kickback in the sale involving key | | |officials. Jogi also threatened to cancel the bauxite mining and land lease |...
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