Balancing Work & Private Life

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Balancing Work and Private Life

Balancing your work and private life can be a challenge when you have a stressful job. Having a stressful job can cause you to take home your problems from, which may interfere with your family life. You may be so stressed out that it will affect the relationship that you have with your loved ones if you aren’t aware. Through the tremendous environmental, economic, political, and sociocultural changes overtime has contributed to the restructuring of couples in their relation to work (Cooper, Dewe, & O’ Driscoll, 2001). The participation of women in the workforce and family arrangements that deviate from traditional gender-based roles has significantly played a role as well. Another factor that has reduced the separation between job and family life is the Technological changes such as, cell phones, and portable computers. Work and relationships are no longer separate domains but rather closely interconnected facets of human life (Edward & Rothbard, 2000). Several studies show that stress in the workplace, such as days characterized by a high workload or annoying social interactions, were correlated with greater anger or withdrawal during interactions with the partner at home (Reptti, 1989; Story & Repetti, 2006). Job stressors also showed a negative impact on daily parenting behavior (Repetti & Wood, 1997). In sum current findings strongly support the notion that experiences at the workplace and a couple’s life a closely connected to each other and that unresolved stress in one domain affects the other domain in a significant manner. According to 66% of office workers in the United States say that the amount of work they are responsible for within assigned deadlines is the greatest cause of stressors in the workplace, according to a workplace survey released by Kensington Technology Group. The stress survey revealed that trying to balance work and private lives is the second greatest cause of workplace stress in the United...

References: 1. Authors: Schaer, Marcal, Bodenmann, Guy, Klink, Thomas Source: Applied Psychology: An International Review; July 2008 Supplement, Vol. 57, pg 71-89 Document Type: Article
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