Balanced Scorecard

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The following paper presents a balanced scorecard for the supply chain management in a hospital. Hospitals strive to operate efficiently while providing the best patient care. By managing the supply chain strategically, hospitals can save costs, provide better patient care, better serve the demands of professional staff and also maintain a sound relationship with its suppliers. According to my understanding, the main goal of the hospital that I previously worked was not profitability, but to provide good patient care. Still, certain measures can be taken to save costs without sacrificing on the quality of care that patients receive. The main strategy of hospital`s supply chain is to provide excellent service, meet time sensitive demands of hospital supplies and reduce the operating and purchasing costs of supply chain.

Figure: A Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard Framework

Customer Perspective: The goal is to provide the best patient care by fulfilling staff`s requests for the medical supplies and filling the supply carts in various departments on a daily basis. This can be achieved by measuring the number of items replenished in the carts divided by the total number of items requested. The goal is to strive to be near the ratio 1:1, which would mean that all the items requested were fulfilled. More than one would mean, more items were provided than requested which implies inefficiencies (misused). Less than one (1) would mean not all the items that were requested were provided. Innovation and learning perspective: The first goal here is to provide up-to-date trainings to keep up with the best practices in the supply chain industry. This can simply be achieved by taking the ratio of number of people trained in a certain period by the total staff in the department. The goal here is to get all the employees to receive appropriate training. Our second goal is to retain...
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