Balanced Literacy in Secondary Instruction

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Balanced Literacy in Secondary Instruction
Celeste Sadler or Denise McLain can also answer questions about balanced literacy When you have 2 yrs to turn around a school, you cut a lot of fluff Anderson District 5 piloted Balanced Literacy
When we have kids that can’t read, what do we do about it? We get measured not by what we teach, but by what kids learn. Teachers, principals, & all educational leaders will be judged by this. Can kids produce? Can we move kids to the next grade level?

You cannot improve a school when you’ve got kids 1, 2, & 3 grade levels behind. It doesn’t mean the kids are not smart, it means we have not done our job. What’s your best pitch? Your best pitch is reading scores. If we can get kids to the 6th grade on grade level, then if middle school can get them to a z level, then high school can get them ready for college. It Is urgent to get 3rd through 5th grade reading goals met! How many kids are at and above grade level in your school? That is the first thing you need to know. So What is it I need to work with. Those that are below, how far below are they? That is where the work is. Every school that has implemented BL has made AYP…from 30% or 40% to 70%+ at or above grade level Balanced Literacy is a District Initiative

When teachers have an opportunity to interpret an expectation, they all interpret it differently EQs
* What s Balanced Literacy?
* How will it look in our classrooms?
* What strategies will we implement across the board?
* What are the non-negotiables (expectations)?
* How will we check fidelity? Results indicators?
Frontloading information (Pre-reading) “I’ve got something I want you to read, but first here’s something I want you to look at.”

SCOS Lesson Plan
Pre – Frontloading info (meaning)
During – Constructing meaning
Post – Extending the Learning (meaning)
Struggling readers don’t think. Good balanced literacy teachers use...
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