Balance Sheet

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1. Q:Collect Balance Sheet of five different companies. Try to analyse it in your own words. Analysis can be in terms of change in profit, asset, liabilities. Etc



The First comapny we'll be looking at is Zynga. Let's jump right into it. Across the board, the Total Current Assets is less than the previous year, more more than other earlier years. This could indicate that the company may have liquidized some of their assests within the year. Total Assests is greater than the previous years' although not by much. The decrease in current assests of this year could be why. Goodwill has seen a tremendous increase, this could be very well due to popular reception in social media as well as the inclusion of executives who left other major companies to join with Zynga, most popularly is a recent case: Microsoft's Don Mattrick, the Xbox Boss.

And also the Total Liabilities have decreased, which is less this time around. With The Equity rising, the company has been successful this year, and has managed to perform better than last year across the board. [pic]




The second company we'll take a gander at is RIM rebranded as BlackBerry. Recently the comapny has been under a difficult period, the company has been murking about ever since it lost it's position in the mobile wars to the likes of Apple, Samsung, and was on course to offer a brand new line up of phones with the BB10 OS. The phones launched to largely positive reviews although criticims of over-priced hardware and lack of applications have draged down the sales of the new line up.

Jumping into the sheet; the Assets have gone down this year. The drop of goodwill to zero has affected the company greatly, however BlackBerry is banking heavily on the BB10 ecosystem to give it the jump back into the platform wars and compete against Android, Apple, Windows Phone 8, and other up and coming OS such a Ubuntu.

It isn't...
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