Balance Scorecard method used in Cattaraugus Country ReHabilitation Center

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Balanced scorecard Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: January 27, 2014

Cattaraugus County ReHabilitation Center had done an effective job of implementing a balance scorecard approach in a fashion that reflects their organizational mission and vision MAIN BODY:
Although the BSC method has been used in the for-profit organizations for many years I believe that ReHabilitation Center has made it work for their organization. There was a lot of push back from the people who work at the center when it was first introduced, they believed it was just another fly-by-night approach that would just fail but as the new Director of Strategic Management slow got the upper management to take a closer look and to start helping adapt the BSC method to their organization.

Since the BSC wasn’t designed for the not-for-profit ReHabilitation Center had to do a bit of work to get everything working right and after a while they were able to get the BSC to work for their organization. There are four score card quadrants that ReHabilitation Center uses they are; Perspective, Strategy, Operations, Core Indicators/Measures. They then broke that down to five different parts of the organization under Perspective, there is; consumers, financial, operational, learning, and one that isn’t defined but seems to be consumer relations and customer service. ReHabilitation Center has seen great benefits from adapting the BSC to the center but the greatest benefit maybe that the personnel within the center has noticed how much more encompassing process that strategic planning is and not merely looking at a long-term plan. They now understand that is it necessary to align each are of the Center with the overall strategic objectives. Another benefit is that the Center has been able to develop metrics and link them to the strategic plan. The Center has begun to focus on the importance of interrelationships among the perspectives in the BSC and has enabled worker in the Center to see things they had not thought about in the past and relate them to the...

References: Martello, M., Watson, J., Fischer, M., (2008). Implementing a balanced scorecard in a not-for-profit organization. Journal of Business & Economics Research. 6(9), 67-80. Retrieved from:
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