Balance of Payments of Bangladesh

Topics: World Heritage Site, UNESCO, International Council on Monuments and Sites Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Shat Gombuj Mosque
Bangladesh has three world heritage sites. The Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat is one of them. It is a 15th century Islamic edifice situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat , on the edge of the Sundarbans,. It is one of the oldest mosques and greatest tourist attractions of Bangladesh. It has been described as "the most impressive Muslim monuments in the whole of the Indian subcontinent” . Bagerhat city was founded as a Muslim colony near the seacoast in the District of Bagerhat in mid 15th century by the saint Ulugh Khan Jahan. He was the earliest torch bearer of Islam in the South who laid the center of an affluent city during the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah (1442-1459) , then known as 'Khalifabad’ .Khan Jahan aborned his city with numerous mosques, tanks, roads and other public buildings, the spectacular ruins of which are focused around the most imposing and largest multidomed mosques in Bangladesh, known as the “Shat Gombuj Mosjid”. The Shat Gambuj Mosque is a Tughlaq styled mosque. This mosque constructed in the mid 15th century (1440) and it is completed in the year1459 with 60 pillars that support 77 exquisitely curved "low squat domes". This mosque lay over an area of 160 feet (49 m) x108 feet (33 m) size. That means it is 160 feet long and 108 feet wide. This mosque has seven four sided central domes. The wall of this mosque is 6 feet (1.8 m) thick with a slight taper over the hollow and round walls. This historic mosque described the golden era of Muslim Bengal. Khan Jahan Ali used this mosque for prayers and it was also used as an assembly hall and Madrassa. This mosque has four towers. Seventy seven domes are over the roof and four smaller ones at the four corners of towers. Two towers were used to call Azan. The vast prayer hall has 11 arched doorways on the east and 7 each on the north and south. These doors are provides ventilation and light in the hall. There are also 7 lengthwise aisle and 11 deep bays in...
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