Bakorkhani Maker Community

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Bakarkhani roti maker community


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Community means “a social group of any size whose members resides in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”. And our chosen community is “bakarkhani maker” community. We studied at Nimtoli and nazim uddin road Ward no 69 which is situated in Old part of the mega city Dhaka. Our main topic of the research paper is an urban community (bakarkhani maker) and their profession, value system where local level participation is very important for development and decision making. The area is unexplored and very few research done in this topic which is rear and we hope this will make this paper interesting and different for everyone. There are hardly got few researches on this area and we are experiencing and doing the research as our first research paper on this community which makes our research paper more interesting and potential. In our research we did survey and case study. We took primary data by taking three “bakarkhani maker’s” interview and took secondary data from internet and article.

When we think of a community we think always about the rural communities or some common community like sweeper community, bagger community, bihari community, hizra community but we never think about any urban community situated beside our own area and this thought makes us interested to do the research on an uncommon community like (bakarkhani maker) who are making “Bakorkhani”. The unique and interesting thing about the community is though historically it is the community based on their profession. And this way our initial interest becomes and we selected this community. We selected nimtoli because the majority “bakarkhani maker” live there, and work place is nazimuddin road.

Background information
 The history of Dhaka begins with the existence of urbanised settlements in the area that is now Dhaka dating from the 7th century CE. The city area was ruled by the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa before passing to the control of the Sena dynasty in the 9th century CE.[2] After the Sena dynasty, Dhaka was successively ruled by the Turkish and Afghan governors descending from the Delhi Sultanate before the arrival of the Mughals in 1608. From Mughals Bakorkhani maker’s came in old dhaka.than gradually bakorkhani maker increase.

Bakarkhani the traditional food/snack of the people of oldDhakawas so famous for its quality and taste that there wasgreat demand of it in the Royal court of theMughal Empirein Delhi.Muslims of TurkicandAfghanorigin were first to arrive inIndiaand  brought with them ‘tandoor ’ and ‘naan’ to the local culinary. Mughal’s arrival in 16th century introduced ‘shirmal’ a kind of soft bread.from that period this Bakarkhani maker community estabsished.

Even now, bakarkhani is mainly baked in Old Dhaka. From there it is distributed in different shops in different parts of the city. Most of the Bakarkhaniwalas belong from the family of Bakarkhaniwalas, meaning that their father was also a Bakarkhaniwala.

Now simply look at the list of question that we have made for the people of old Dhaka city’s “Bakarkhani Community” which actually been focused to find out their life style, their profession, believes, way of sharing common values and pattern of living.

1. How you involved with this profession?
2. What are the problems that you are facing in your community? 3. Who lead your community?
4. If you have faced any problems...
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