Baking System

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1.1. Background of the Study
Company Background
The Fatima’s Bakery was put into business in 1980, established and administered by Mrs. Elena Chavis as a sole proprietor ownership business in Malate, Manila Philippines with its primary consumers are the citizens of the said town. The Fatima’s Bakery sells different kinds of pastry to provide the needs of the citizen at the nearest area, but throughout the era of President Marcos, the economic status of the bakery was very tough and experienced scarcity in the supply of flour because of financial shortage. As a result, the bakery experienced more difficulties in producing enough quantity of pastries and accommodate the demand of the customer.
Now 31 years strong, the Fatima’s Bakery is still in business under the new management of the bakery by Mr. Nestor Agno. It was 1986 when Nestor Agno accepted the offer given by Elena Chavis to be the new administrator of the business. Mr. Agno attended some seminars regarding on baking different kinds of pastries and bread. After subsequent years, Mr. Nestor Agno decided to establish a new branch of Fatima’s Bakery that is located at 65 Justicia Street, Arty Subdivision Karuhatan, Valenzuela, City, and the responsibilities in operating the main bakery was entrusted on one of his daughter. Now, there are four branches of Fatima’s Bakery in the country.
The name of the bakery – Fatima’s Bakery was derived from the name of Mr. Nestor Agno’s daughter which is Fatima Agno. Mr. Nestor Agno is also the head baker of Fatima’s Bakery.
Existing Processes The Fatima’s Bakery sells different kind of pastries such as breads, pies, cakes, doughnuts, cookies and the likes. The bakers baking processes are done through with a balancing process; to get the exact amount of ingredient the baker needs to bake a specific pastry. Every new baker of Fatima’s Bakery will be trained by the head baker of the bakery. The training will mainly focus on baking processes,

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