Bakery and Confectionary Products Prepared by Dr.Lakshmi J, Associate Professor, Dept of Food Chemistry

Topics: Bread, Wheat, Flour Pages: 130 (51618 words) Published: February 20, 2013

B. Tech (Food Technology)
Course No.: FDST


Credit Hours: 3 (2+1)

Bakery and Confectionary Products Prepared by Dr.Lakshmi J, Associate Professor,Dept of Food Chemistry

College of Food Science and Technology, Bapatla

Theory Lecture Outlines 1. History of Bakery and Confectionery - Present Trends - Prospects - Nutrition facts of 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Bakery& Confectionery goods Raw materials used in Bakery - Flour - Types of flour - Flour characteristics - Water Sources - Functions - Usage of Water; Salt - Role of Salt Yeast, Yeast Production - Enzymes - their functions in dough Sugar and Milk - Properties and Role of milk and Sugar in Bakery Leavening agents - What are leavening agents? - Different Leavening agents - their functions in Baking Industry Spices used in baking and their functions; flavoring - Nuts and fruits - their function in bread making Food colours; Setting materials - types - their function in baking; Cocoa and Chocolate Bakery unit operations including mixing - fermentation - Proofing - baking Formula construction and computation of yeast raised products; types of breads, bread faults and remedies Biscuits - Ingredients - Types of biscuits - Processing of biscuits - faults & Remedies Cream crackers, soda crackers, wafer biscuits & matzos, puff biscuits Hard sweet, Semi Sweet and Garibaldi fruit sandwich biscuit Short dough biscuits, Wafers. Cakes - types - Ingredients - Processing of cakes - Problems - Remedies Pizza and pastries - their ingredients and Processing Setting up of a Bakery Unit - Bakery equipment required - types - Selection – Maintenance - Bakery norms and Standards Types of confectionery - Basic technical considerations of confectionery - TSS, pH, Acidity and ERH Raw materials - types of sugar, granulated, caster, liquid brown sugars, molasses, micro crystalline sugars - their role in confectionery Alternative bulk sweeteners - Glucose, fructose, lactose, sugar alcohol, sorbitol, xylitol,Isomalt, poly dextrose - their role in confectionery Enzymes - used in syrup production - used in gelling - enzymes used in whipping Agar-agar, Alginates, carragenons, Gelatin, Acacia gum - Gum Arabic, Pectin, tragacanth,Xanthan gum, Egg albumen and Gelatin as a whipping agent Milk protein, soya protein, oils, fats related products and their role in confectionery Food colours & flavours Chocolate processing - Different steps involved in chocolate processing - Ingredients, mixing,refining. General technical aspects of Industrial sugar confectionery, composition effects, changes,change of state Boiled sweets - classification - Ingredients used in the preparation - Caramel, toffee and fudge - Processing Processing of liquorice paste, cream paste and aerated confectionery products Ingredients- their function - Ingredients and Processing Tablets, Lozenges, Sugar panning tablets, Granulated confectionery, medicated confectionery - Ingredients and Processing Chewing gums, fondants, Marzipan - Ingredients & Processing Crystallized confectionery - Processing - Ingredients and their functions Quality and standards/Regulations to be followed in the Bakery Industry and packaging requirements Quality and standards/regulations to be followed in the confectionery Industry and packaging requirements

Lecture-1 History of Bakery and Confectionary Baking, particularly the baking of bread, is one of the oldest of human activities – indeed one of the oldest surviving papyri appears to be a set of instructions for making bread. Another document is part of a correspondence explaining that pyramid construction is falling behind because the supply of beer and bread to the labourers has been insufficient, thus revealing that the diet of labourers has changed relatively little in thousands of years. Western civilization is based on the cultivation...
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