Bake Sale Account

Topics: Laughter, Tower of Babel, Panipuri Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: October 18, 2013
The cacophony of differently pitched screams, screeches and yelps are piercing through my eardrums, like the Tower of Babel. However not all of what I can hear is beastly. The cheeky giggles of children and the low-pitched laughter of the teachers bring a massive smile to my kindle face. I’m deafened by the stall-owners and barkers and their cry for customers, “Win the game and get yourself into the lucky draw!” One would belch out, or “go on have a go-shoot the cans!” another stall owner will scream out. The cries seem to work, as elated customers approach the decorated stalls. Looking round, I notice beauty-holic stalls, chatoyant vivid nail paints over the table like a rainbow canvas at the nail art stall. As I took a few steps forward, I see the vibrant and brilliant streaked hair braided very professionally, the hair-styling stall. Once, moving forward, zipped back and forth across the queue of games stalls. Trying out the luck with lucky 7 and giving the best shots with the cans. Going all wild with the mud games and tattoing the face and hand. Adding colour to the event, face painting was a strike. The sky was dotted with a few fluffy clouds that looked like candy floss. Below, students stood watching, eating their sweets and snacks. Ice creams wobbled perilously over and dripped down their fingers as they melted. Some munched on brightly coloured balls of candy floss. The strands dissolved on the tongue and the sweet sugar stuck to the teeth like glue. Groups of friends sipped on drinks and appetized themselves with divine, delish, luscious bites and the tempting, savory roadside paani puri and chaat. With the fuse of cuisines the bake sale was a continental platter. And BANG! with the major hit of the event. The jumping castle. Already I’m certain I can bump my way to merriment and amusement. Whilst the fragile bodies are vibrating vigorously, removing thin, brown-black hair from the faces, laughing and breathing together. The impact of the jumps and...
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